The Next Frontier Of Medicine Will Involve Steroids

The next frontier of medicine will involve synthetic hormones (anabolic steroids). If you do not know, a steroid is a synthetic version of a hormone found in your body.

Why Steroids

This is because steroids have similar structures to natural hormones and function as hormones.  In all living things (both plants and animals), hormones play an important role.

• The cause of most diseases is hormonal imbalance. Therefore, steroids with their hormonal properties can help in curing diseases.

• Steroids reduce inflammation. This is another cause of illness. When your cells become inflamed, you become sick.

• Corticosteroid drugs are steroids. They include cortisone, hydrocortisone and prednisone. They treat many illnesses including lupus and rashes.

The FDA Is Approving some Steroids as Medicine

It is surprising that the FDA is banning the use of anabolic steroids for bodybuilding yet at the same time approving them for the treatment of certain illnesses. Already, doctors use steroids to facilitate the onset of puberty in boys with developmental problems. Steroids have a role to play in alleviating sexual related problems such as low libido and erectile dysfunction.

The Cure for Cancer

The ability to synthesize hormones in the laboratory lays the foundation for the invention of the cures for most cancer. Steroids or formulations similar to them will unlock the cancer drug.

One of the leading killers in the world is cancer. It is in the top five after heart disease and diabetes. Cancer is a lifestyle disease. However, there are some genetic types of cancer.

The HIV Answer

HIV is a Pandora’s Box. More than two decades after the diagnosis of the first case of HIV/AIDS, there is still no cure for this disease.

• Presently, doctors use anabolic steroids in the treatment of muscle degeneration caused by the latter stages of AIDS. Steroids have given many AIDs patients a new lease of life. When this awful disease invades the muscle, it is over. They will cause muscle loss at an unprecedented rate because of loss of nitrogen. A big percentage of your muscles are nitrogen. Steroids will increase and facilitate the retention of nitrogen in your muscle. Most steroids have the nitrogen retention property.

The Answer is Steroids

Steroids are the answer for increased wellness in the 21st century. People are becoming sick because of toxins in food, water and the environment that decrease essential body hormones. An American study showed that modern men have lower testosterone levels than men who lived in the past. Steroids will increase the hormones in your body making you to combat disease.

The Disadvantages Of Technology To A HGH Business

Anything that has an advantage has a subsequent disadvantage. The use of technology in business has increased and continues to escalate as more and more people adopt technology in their daily lives. While this has led to faster communication amongst different stakeholders, better tracking of different parameters and the improvement of the delivery channels, it has also resulted in some worrying disadvantages. As a supplier of HGH for sale or consumption, here is what you need to know about the use of technology in business.

Security Threat

Recently, Yahoo was hacked and a lot of client information was exposed in the public domain. This shows the extent of the security threat that these business face in their day to day operations. Just like Yahoo, any business that uses applications and technology may suffer the same fate. The exposure of confidential customer information may lead to the financial fraud and identity theft among other cyber-crimes. This not only negatively affects the clients but also their business.

A business that is hacked may be sued by clients or the government. These legal suits are not only expensive but they may also lead to the closure of business. Therefore, it is good to ensure that the business information is secure and that the system is upgraded often to counter the improvement in hacking strategies and methods by phishers and other people who partake in cybercrime.

The expenses

Most applications and software require to be bought. Thereafter the business pays the developer or supplier a maintenance fee for a specified period of time. In addition to this, the business is require to invest in regular updates of the system to maintain security and improve user experience. All these add up to extra expenses for the business. These can be overwhelming given the size of the business and the number of clients and therefore the necessity of applications that require a lot of storage facilities. Most of these software also require both online and offline backup systems and this add up to the cost of doing business.

The purchase and installation of the applications require assistance of qualified and experienced consultants who normally charge an arm and a leg for their esteemed services. If the system crashes and the data has to be retrieved by an expert, this expert will require to be paid. These services are not cheap.

The customer experience

Sometimes, the system may have errors that may result in poor customer experience.  In addition, the automation of the customer service function may save the business money but it may also lead to loss of clients.  The customer sometimes requires to get in touch with an emphatic human being when they buy HGH and therefor they can get irritated when their phone call is answered by a machine. In addition, these machines are only programmed to solve routine matters and therefore in case of a serious and unique problem, the client may need to visit the business premises for a solution.


Working online may cost the company a number of lost man hours. Why? The employees will easily get distracted by interesting adverts and website and therefore will abandon their work in order to check out the interesting stuff. This is not only expensive for the business but it may also lead to lost productivity among employees and therefore different tasks get longer to be completed. If the clients were serving clients, this may end up in loss of clients.

Job losses

The automation of some functions may make some jobs redundant and therefore job losses. The affected employees may also find it hard to find similar positions especially in the same industry since most companies will follow suit and automate their HGH pills business.